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The first ever “wellbeing”
Office- and workshop desk solution

The sitting position that is held for a longer period of time will stress the muscles asymmetrically and statically. This can lead to to damaging the muscles, so the arteria that feeds the muscles with blood experiences higher pressure which results disfunctionality, weaker blood circulation and pain and can lead to cardiovascular disease and endanger the helth in geral.

The Agiledesk is an interactive desk, which can automatically adjust and change height, based on the user health and need.This Innovative solution will force the user to change the position continuously by doing so it will reduce the harmful effect of sitting behind the desk.

AgiliDesk can control every motorized adjustable desk, thereby humanize your working enviroment

Office purpose

It can be ordered as a standalone furniture however its controller can be installed to the existing adjustable office desks too fully enjoying the Agilidesk

In Production process

The production workshops also can take advantage of the Agilidesk unique system, as it can adjust itself automatically to meet the current work stage and the employee’s need

Therapy purpose

In the progress of dialysis treatment patients have to wait for longer amount of time. Agilidesk offers a solution to to ease the suffering and inconvenience. Synchronizing Agilidesk with chairs, the posture can be changed during treatment time accordingly, providing better life quality while the treatment is in progress.


The introduction of Agilidesk at workplace will lead to a healthier work environment. It will increase productivity reduce sick leave, and so the return of investment will be visible to the company, that employs Agilidesk systems.



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